Getting older and bolder has been on my mind a lot lately.

And the more I think about the idea of getting older, the more I like it.

“What’s to like?”, I hear you ask.


Here is my long list of positives about becoming older. All things I am so very grateful for:

#1: I know what I like.

#2: I know what I don’t like.

#3: I care less about what others think.

#4: I am more opinionated.

#5: I have become more tolerant and forgiving.

#6: I am even bolder.

#7:I am more daring.

#8: I am still adventurous.(My biggest challenge to come yet is Trekking the Grand Canyon for the MS Trust in September 2017. Donations are so welcome!)

#9: I am choosier about how I spend my spare time.

#10: I have a greater sense of what matters. (Experiences over material things, any time.)

#11: I’m more focused (because time feels more precious.)

#12: I have learnt to go with the flow.

#13: I don’t expect things to be perfect for me to enjoy them.

#14: I don’t take family relationships and friendships for granted.

#15: I have more than patience. (Especially with seniors).

#16: I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore. (The question I ask myself: Does this really matter, in the grand scheme of things?)

#17: Deep down, I haven’t changed much. I still feel young at heart. (Sometimes even like 16.)

#18: I have made a bucket list, at the invitation of my youngest son. (And he and I are working our way down the list, one item at a time.)

#19: Sometimes it feels like I have collected large amounts of experience, insights – maybe even wisdom? (Even though the thought of having wisdom makes me feel really feel old.)

#20: I accept life has ups and downs. (Being happy all the time would be pretty boring, wouldn’t it?)

#21: I find happiness in little things. (The sun shining in my face on a still autumn day. The robin coming into the garden to pick some grubs. A smile of a stranger in the street.)

#22: I appreciate that being healthy is a precious gift. (Long may it last!)

#23: I find it easier to laugh about myself and my shortcomings. (Who wants to be perfect, anyway?)

#24: I enjoy giving back. (Helping the next generation thrive, whether that is through coaching, mentoring or just making connections for those who need a bit of help to find their feet.)

#25: I start to imagine what it would be like to be a cool grand mother. (Psst, don’t tell my children! There’s plenty of time for that, first they need to enjoy their freedom.)

#26: I know when to ask for help (and don’t feel like I have to do everything myself to prove my independence.)

#27: I live in the here and now, rather than in the future (Something that is quite an achievement for someone whose strength is being “futuristic” – i.e. finding it easy to envisage new openings and spot new opportunities.)

#28: Having grown up before snapchat, whatsapp and FB ruled (When personal meant personal, and nothing could be shared online.)

#29: Having made plenty of mistakes, but not regretting any of them.

#30: I have kept my sense of humour.

#31: I am still hopeful I can leave this world in a better place than I found it. (Call me an optimist.)

And the few things that suck. Yes, they absolutely suck.

#1. Having less energy than in my twenties and thirties.

#2. Worrying about cholesterol levels, blood pressure and my BMI.

#3. Struggling to read the small print. (Wearing glasses is annoying, especially when I want to do sports or it rains.)

Quite a short list in comparison to the positives, don’t you think?

What’s on your list of reasons why being older and bolder is better than it sounds?

Just leave a comment below – I am curious to see what you think!



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