Wanting a change at 50+ isn’t uncommon. In fact, it’s completely normal.

Being stuck on the same career path until you are in your sixties isn’t your only option.

There’s more to life than working or retirement.

One of the most exciting phenomena of our times is that as young baby boomers, there is a movement out there, a whole generation of us who don’t see age as a barrier, and who think that actually – life has only just begun to get interesting.

Older Yet Bolder

My name is Ruth Winden and I’m an Executive Career Coach. I’ve helped countless people across all walks of life land opportunities that feel like a new lease of life.

What I offer is:

20+ years working globally as a career professional

A wealth of expertise in exploring what makes professionals tick


A gift for spotting opportunities where others see only obstacles

Insights, connections and networks

A down-to-earth approach, a huge amount of patience, empathy and common sense, and a good listening ear. Not to mention a wicked sense of humour, a zest for life and a lot of laughter on the way

I specialize in helping men and women over the age of 50 find a way to make a contribution that deeply matters to them. Whether it’s a lateral shift in your organization, a job promotion, a complete career move into a new field or deciding to invest your time and knowledge into non-profit work, I can help.

Fulfilment is my top value. There is nothing better than seeing my clients achieve what they never thought was possible; e.g. a day-to-day life that is rewarding in so many ways – whether it is finding a role that plays to their strengths; that fits with their interests and values; a place where they can make a strong contribution to a company, a cause or a movement. Or perhaps just getting the opportunity to forge a new path and find a new outlet for their talents.

My clients are baby boomers who are open-minded, talented, dedicated, interesting, genuine and curious about what else life has to offer. They have aspirations to leave the world in a better place, and a determination to make a difference. Work to my clients is about more than a paycheck.

And whatever you decide, it does not have to be a traditional full-time position. Portfolio careers that combine different projects, expertise and ways of engaging as an employee, associate or contractor are so common for professionals with expertise, not to mention business start-ups. These are all feasible choices. The opportunities and options are endless.

Your story isn’t done. You have purpose. Let me help you achieve it.

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